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Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use during festivals

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before reserving. Breaching of conditions will result in us keeping part or all of the security deposit. Guests upon arrival will need to provide their signature stating that they accept these conditions.

These terms apply during the times of festivals (Balaton Sound, Strand Festival, B My Lake) in our Guesthouse.

During the festivals we operate a wristband based identification system. This means that nobody can stay on our property without our “Zamárdi Parti Ház” wristband. Wristbands are provided to all paying guests upon arrival.

Balaton Sound 2019

Balaton Sound 2019 begins on the 3th of July and ends on the 8th. Our apartments can be rented from the 3th (Wednesday) till the 9th (Monday) for a minimum of 5 nights.


Blue apartment (4+1 person): 765
Security deposit: 400 €

Not reserved

Yellow apartment (4 person): 635
Security deposit: 300 €

Not reserved

Strand Festival and B My Lake 2019

Strand Festival 2019 and B My Lake 2019 begins on the 20nd of August and ends on the 24th. Our apartments can be rented from the 20nd (Tuesday) till the 25th (Saturday) for a minimum of 5 nights.


Blue apartment (4+1 person):  500 €
Security deposit: 300 €

Not reserved

Yellow apartment (4 person): 465 €
Security deposit: 200 €

Not reserved

Method of reservation

The person who reserves the apartment must be one of the occupants, reservations by 3rd parties are not allowed.

  • Name, home address, some form of ID number of ALL occupants must be provided for taxing purposes (we don’t share this data with any third parties)
  • After confirming the occupants reservation fee (which is part of the total accomodation fee) must be paid in advance to our bank account in 2 days
  • Bank transfer notice should include the name of the name of the person in contact with us and which apartment “Blue” or “Yellow” they are reserving
  • We cannot provide refunds withing 1 month from the beginning of the festival
  • The remainder of the accomodation fee should be payed in cash upon arrival along with the security deposit (see “Prices”)

Special Terms of Use during festivals

Our guesthouse is located directly in front of the loud festival areas, only separated by the garden and a road. The garden exit is circa 60 metres from the festival main entrance. The usual “peace and quiet”, direct exit to the free beach we advertise cannot be guranteed during the festival. Grilling and tanning oppurtunities might also be partially hampered. Depending on the load during the day the hot water supply might stutter, but the warm water and the proximity of the lake makes this a non-issue.

The garden operates as a campground during the festivals with usually 15-20 tents and 30-40 people. Occupants of the campground have separate bathrooms, movement of the apartment guests are unaffected by the campers.

We may check the identification wristbands at any time. Please don’t ask for exceptions to allow anyone to enter the property without a wristband. (No other people in the apartments than those who reserved and payed for it, no receiveing guests, no toilet or shower usage for outsiders).

Causing damage in the apartment or its equipment, use of illegal drugs, outrageous behaviour will result in the removal of all occupants of the apartment without any refunds.

Naturally during this time partying, rowdiness, playing loud music singing etc. won’t disturb anybody.


The number of parking spaces are limited, so we can only provide one free parking space per apartment, additional cars can park for a fee of 14 €/day.

Feel free to contact us, if you agree with these conditions